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Texas Permit Practice Test

Choose the right Answer. We have highlighted your correct answers in green, and your incorrect answers in red. This information really helps those who prepare for driving tests. drivers ed online.

1. A driver waiting to make a left turn when the traffic light turns green should:
Turn hurriedly ahead of oncoming traffic
Wait and turn on the next yellow light
Signal and bluff other vehicles into stopping
Turn only after there is no danger from oncoming vehicles

2. When you reach a marked or unmarked crossing, you must yield and watch for:
Slow-moving vehicles.
Heavy vehicles.

3. Cars parked on the side of a highway at night should show
Parking lights.
High-beam headlights.
Interior lights.
Manual flashlights or flares from the rear.

4. You must obey crossing guards at all times:

5. You see a flashing yellow traffic signal at an upcoming intersection. The flashing yellow light means:
Only yield to emergency vehicles.
Slow down and cross the intersection carefully.
Stop. Yield to all cross traffic before crossing the intersection.
Stop before entering the intersection as long as you can do so safely.

6. When you tailgate other drivers - drive close to their rear bumper - you:
Will likely frustrate other drivers and make them angry.
You help reduce traffic congestion.
Will not recieve a traffic citation.
Urge other drivers to go faster for safer roads.

7. When driving on a freeway posted for 65 mph and other traffic is traveling at 70 mph. You may LEGALLY drive:
Between 65 mph and 70 mph.
70 mph or faster to keep up with the speed of traffic.
No faster than 65 mph.
75 mph to pass the speeding vehicles.

8. Uninsured drivers become subject to license and vehicle registration suspension when accident damages amount to:
$100 to property of one person
$25 to property of one person
$50 to property of one person
At least $1000 to property of one person

9. When a pedestrian walks out into the street in violation of the law, you should:
Report them immediately to the police.
Ignore them and concentrate on the road.
Yield the right of way to avoid injuring them.
Honk to warn them they are breaking the law.

10. Traffic convictions are rated depending on how severe the violation is. This rating system is commonly known as the ____ system.

11. You must give a signal either by hand and arm or by a signal device:
Only at night
Anytime you change lanes
Only if other traffic is affected by your movement
Only if you are driving a truck or car

12. What should you do if you discover you are in the wrong lane for turning right as intended when you near an intersection?
Drive ahead until you can get into the proper lane, then turn at another intersection.
Wait until other pass and then get into the proper lane.
Move quickly into the proper lane.
Turn from the lane you are in if no cars are coming.

13. Another substantial factor related to novice driver crash incidents is an over-estimation of one's own driving ___________.

14. If you are involved in an injury accident in an urban area, you must immediately notify:
The State Patrol
The local police
The county sheriff
The highway patrol

15. If you must walk on the highway, you should:
Walk on the side that has the widest shoulders
Walk on the right side so that approaching cars can see you better
Walk on the left side in order to watch for approaching vehicles
Walk on the side with the highest amount of traffic

Lets see if can answer these:
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