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Texas Driver's License Road Signs Test - Part 1

This sign indicates:
a divided highway ends ahead
a two-way road ahead is curved
a traffic island is ahead
a divided highway begins ahead

This sign warns of:
a gravel road ahead
a downgrade ahead
a slippery road ahead
a curved road ahead

What does this sign indicate?
slippery conditions on the road
a bump in the driveway
a significant drop from the pavement edge to the shoulder
a hard-surfaced pavement

What does this sign mean?
A library ahead
A daycare center ahead
A school zone ahead
A playground ahead

What does this sign mean?
There is a work zone ahead
There is a bump in the road
There is a low place in the road
There is a detour ahead

This symbol warns of:
a Y-intersection
a no-driving zone
a T-intersection
a side marker of rails of a narrow bridge

What does this sign mean?
A heavy vehicle ahead
A narrow bridge ahead
A detour ahead
An underpass ahead

This red octagonal sign with an arrow means that:
you are entering a work zone ahead
you must not enter the roadway ahead
you should be prepared to stop ahead
you must make a right turn ahead

This sign is a/an:
sharp curve sign
sharp turn sign
emergency stop sign
crossover sign

This blue-colored sign means that:
the place is reserved for hospital parking
the place is reserved for handicap parking
the place is reserved for wheelchair users
the place is reserved for elderly people

When driving on a freeway posted for 65 mph and other traffic is traveling at 70 mph. You may LEGALLY drive:
70 mph or faster to keep up with the speed of traffic.
Between 65 mph and 70 mph.
75 mph to pass the speeding vehicles.
No faster than 65 mph.

Lets see if can answer these:
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