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Texas Driver's License Road Signs Test - Part 4

1. What does this sign mean?
Drive at least 50 m.p.h.
Drive 50 m.p.h. in the daytime only
Drive no faster than 50 m.p.h. day or night

2. This sign indicates:
Slow down, watch for people crossing the street on foot
Pedestrians are not permitted to cross in this area
You are near an intersection

3. What does this sign indicate?
Always watch for trains
Pay no attention to the sign if you cannot read

4. What does this sign mean?
Be very careful to avoid skidding in wet weather
Be very careful to avoid skidding in any weather
Be very careful to avoid getting stuck in wet weather

5. This sign indicates:
Watch mostly to the right for other traffic
Watch mostly to the left for other traffic
Watch right and left for other traffic

6. What does this sign indicate?
Watch for water trucks
Trucks are not permitted in this area
Prepare to reduce speed for a downgrade

7. What does this sign mean?
Go straight ahead if you are in right lane
Turn right from right lane only
Turn right from either lane

8. This sign indicates:
Know that Albany Highway 30 runs straight ahead
Know that Albany Highway 30 runs right and left ahead
Know that it is 30 miles to the Albany boundary line

9. What does this sign indicate?
Go straight ahead and turn right
Turn either right or left ahead

10. What does this sign indicate?.
Never pass another vehicle at this location
Pass only if you are in a hurry
Cross the double stripe and return quickly when overtaking here

11. This sign indicates:
Slow down – a hazardous condition may exist on bridge
Speed up and hurry across the bridge
Continue as you are regardless of condition

12. What does this sign mean?
Look for detour, road closed
Slow down for a winding road
Slow down for a very dangerous intersection or curve

13. What does this sign mean?
Stop before entering the street ahead
Enter the street ahead slowly
Get ready to turn right or left

14. This sign indicates:
Sound horn to warn pedestrians
Slow down as you are near a school
You are near a church

15. What does this sign indicate?
Get ready to enter a one-way street
Follow a temporary route to the left
Stay on the main highway if you can

Lets see if can answer these:
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