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Texas Drivers License Practice Test - Part 4

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1. Under what conditions may your driver’s license be suspended? (Chpt. 1)
Lending a driver license or identification card to someone else.
Habitual reckless or negligent driving.
Becoming incompetent to drive.
All of the above

2. What does “Yield Right-of-Way” mean? (Chpt 4,5)
Pedestrians must yield to drivers.
Drivers, at times, must yield to others.
Drivers should have their right-of-way at all times.
Motorcycle drivers must yield to car drivers.

3. When two cars meet at the intersection of a two-lane road with a four- lane road, which one must yield the right-of-way? (Chpt. 4)
The car of the four-lane road.
The car of the two-lane road.
First Car which is at the intersection

4. What is the first thing that should be done when a car starts to skid? (Chpt. 9)
Press the brake pedal.
Turn the steering wheel in the direction of the skid.
Take your foot off the gas pedal.
Press the gas pedal, keep the speed.

5. Does a posted speed limit of 55 mph mean that you may drive 55 mph on that highway under all conditions? (Chpt. 8)
No, during periods of heavy traffic, inclement weather, and other conditions speed must be adjusted.
Yes, it is valid at all times.

6. The headlights must be turned on
Only after it gets completely dark
30 minutes after sunset
30 minutes before sunset
At sunset

7. Describe the types of equipment which Texas state law specifically forbids on passenger cars driven within the state: (Chpt. 2)
A bell, siren, or exhaust whistle
A red light showing from the front.
A muffler cutout
All of the above

8. You should never drive on the left half of the roadway when you are within how many feet from an intersection, bridge, or railroad crossing? (Chpt. 6)
50 feet
75 feet
100 feet
150 feet

9. When parked parallel, your curb side wheels must be no more than how many inches from the curb? (Chpt. 7)
6 inches.
10 inches.
15 inches.
18 inches.

10. When following another car, what is a good rule to determine the distance at which you should follow behind? (Chpt. 9)
At least 1 second behind the vehicle.
At least 2 seconds behind the vehicle.
At least 3 seconds behind the vehicle.
At least 4 seconds behind the vehicle

11. What does a green arrow showing with a red light mean? (Chpt. 5)
Slow down and proceed with caution.
Proceed carefully in the direction of the arrow after yielding the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians.
Don’t proceed, the traffic light has a problem.
It’s safe to proceed, that’s what the green arrow means.

12. How should you react to a flashing red light? (Chpt. 5)
Stop completely before entering the crosswalk or intersection, then proceed when you can do so safely.
Slow down and proceed with caution.
Proceed carefully in the direction of the arrow after yielding the right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians.
Don’t proceed, the traffic light has a problem.

13. What is the penalty for being convicted of driving while intoxicated? (Chpt. 10)
$2,000 fine.
Confinement in jail for not less than 72 hours nor more than 180 days.
All of the above

14. Under what conditions must you always stop? (Chpt. 4, 5)
Stop sign.
If railroad crossing arms have been lowered.
Steady red light.
All of the above.

15. If a child runs into the road 45 to 50 feet ahead of your car, what is the highest speed from which you can stop with good brakes without hitting him? (Chpt. 8)
15 MPH
20 MPH
22 MPH
25 MPH

Lets see if can answer these:
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