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Texas Drivers License Practice Test - Part 2

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1. If a minor (a person under the age of 21) refuses to provide a breath or blood specimen to a police officer the minor’s driver license will be suspended for a first time refusal for:
120 days
90 days
60 days
30 days

2. Including reaction time, the stopping distance is more than 20 feet at 10 miles per hour, at 20 miles per hour it will be about:
30 feet
63 feet
40 feet
75 feet

3. What is the minimum age at which you can get a Class C driver license without either driver education or being a hardship case? (Chpt. 1)

4. When is it necessary to stop before proceeding when you overtake a school bus loading or unloading children?
once in a while

5. What is the purpose of an exhaust emission system? (Chpt. 2)
To help reduce air pollution.
For safety in bad weather.
To stop and hold car.
To be heard from 200 feet distance

6. What type of restrictions may be placed on your license? (Chpt. 1)
not to exceed 45 MPH
daytime only
automatic transmission
all of the above

7. How should you react when a traffic officer tells you to do something which is ordinarily considered to be against the law (Chpt. 5)?
Ignore him, obey the law.
Obey him at all times.
Ignore him
Dont see him

8. Once the brakes have been applied, about how many feet does a car which was going 70 mph travel before it comes to a stop?
100 ft
445 ft
280 ft
387 ft

9. You must give a signal either by hand, arm, or by signal device
Only at night
Only if the other traffic is affected by your movement.
Anytime you change lanes.
Only if you are driving a car or truck.

10. When a vehicle ahead of you stop to let a pedestrian pass in front of it, you should
Sound your horn.
Overtake to the right.
Overtake to the left.
Stay in line and wait until the vehicle ahead proceeds.

11. When choosing your driving speed, the most important thing to consider is
The time you have to travel.
The condition of the other drivers
The car you are driving
The condition of the weather, traffic, road, car, and driver.

12. The maximum fine for a first conviction of driving without a valid driving license is

13. A posted speed limit of 55 means
You can always lawfully drive 55mph on that road.
You may drive 55mph only under favorable driving conditions.
You may drive 60 mph as officers allow an extra 5 mph.
You may drive 60mph day or night on that road.

14. If you are teaching a beginner to drive you must
Be over 21 years old
Have a commercial license.
Be a licensed driver age 18 or over.
Have had five years driving experience.

15. A person’s driver’s license will automatically be suspended if convicted of
Four or more traffic violators
Attempting to flee from a police officer.
Possessing an else driver’s license.
Failure to maintain financial responsibility.

16. As you near an intersection, you discover you are in the wrong lane for turning right as intended, therefore, you should
wait until other pass and then get into the proper lane.
Drive ahead until you can get into the proper lane, then turn at another intersection.
Turn from the lane you are in if no cars are coming.
Move quickly into the proper lane

17. A driver waiting to make a left turn when the traffic light turns green should
Turn hurriedly ahead of oncoming traffic.
Wait and turn on the next yellow signal.
Signal and bluff other vehicles into stopping
Turn only after there is no danger from oncoming vehicles.

18. Marijuana use will
Adversely affect a drivers concentration, judgment and perceptual skills.
Not affect a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle.
Make a driver more alert.
Make a driver more alert.

19. If you have a blow out while driving, you should
step on the gas.
Push in the clutch and coast.
Hit the brakes
Steer firmly, take your foot off the gas and brake cautiously

20. If your drivers license is suspended you may drive only
If you get permission from the local police.
If you have an accompanying licensed driver.
If you drive on little-traveled roads.
If you obtain an essential need drivers license

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